Personal Debt: McArdle on Ramsey, Etc.

Megan McArdle has intersected with my information sources twice in the last few weeks, this time on the topic of debt. Those of you who read this blog for its personal finance content might be interested in McArdle’s work on this issue.

Her piece in the December 2009 issue of The Atlantic, to which I subscribe, is a close look at Dave Ramsey, his debt reduction and avoidance approach, and McArdle’s own implementation of it.

She was also interviewed on the 7 December 2009 episode of EconTalk, which is among my favorite podcast-delivered programs. The interview begins with a discussion of debt, Ramsey, his system, McArdle’s experience with it, and then turns to other areas in which we struggle with self-restraint (dieting, time-management, organization, and the like). If you’ve never listened to EconTalk and are interested in finance and economics, McArdle’s interview is a good introduction to the program. Give it a try.

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