• JAMA Forum: Tackling Obesity and Learning What Works

    As you know, I was no fan of the soda ban in NYC. But I’m no fan what’s been going on since the ban was struck down last week.

    I discuss this and more in my most recent post at the JAMA Forum. Go read!


    • Seems obvious to me that the solution to the issue in Mississippi is for Bloomberg et al to pass a law stating that all fountain soda drinks must be into a container no less than 64 fl oz. in size.

    • Aaron
      I dont agree:

      “Martyring the attempt to ban unhealthy beverages has brought even more attention. The repeal might do just as much good as the policy itself.”

      I appreciate the sentiment, but watching Newtown and disintegration of any inertia on gun control serves as a fine example of memory loss.

      The ban dies, and sure as I drink my 20 oz today, you will see more of delights such as below tomorrow:

      Old habits die hard. Lots of talk, no action.


      • It’s a fair point, but obesity, unlike gun legislation, really will be fixed at home at a personal level. They’re two separate and different issues.

    • Aaron,

      So what do you consider settled science in the obesity discussion. I went on strict carb management regime a year ago and lost over 130 pounds. Should we be taxing bread and bagels. The Libertarian in me is scared that we apply poorly understood hypothesis as if they are facts – ie salt is bad and should be reduced…

      Sugar and wheat are evil – bad for us – but we never seem to want to have that as the basis of our conversation – we go after sodas – and yes non-diet sugar loaded sodas are bad for us – but why not go right at sugar?

      • Actually, I don’t necessarily think a tax will work (see Denmark). I do, however, think we could stop subsidizing the things that are bad for us.