• Is there a doctor in the house?

    Has it struck anyone else as odd that this blog–principally about health care policy–lacks direct input from a health care practitioner? Well, it’s bothered me from a long time. Sure, I get feedback from physicians and nurses and Michael McWilliams provided a terrific guest post. But I’ve yearned for the day I’d be sharing a blog with a practitioner who provides regular content, particularly one who understands health services research, health policy, and politics.

    That day has arrived. Pediatrician, professor, and health services researcher Aaron Carroll and I are teaming up. This is a merger, not an acquisition. We’ve decided to retain the title and URL of The Incidental Economist and, over the last day or so, have implemented Aaron’s design. Aaron will cease blogging on his blog, Rational Arguments, though leave it up for its archival value, and will be contributing regularly here.

    I’ve long admired Aaron for his ability to write superb blog posts that combine his experience as a physician, understanding of research, and insight into health policy. As a bonus, it turns out Aaron has interest and facility in web design too, a chore I detest. Thus, I get to team up with a great blogger who has complementary experiences and knowledge, plus I get to off load some of the technical drudgery of maintaining a blog. I’m a lucky guy!

    So, the doctor is in. Welcome to the new The Incidental Economist, now with even more Rational Arguments.

    PS. If you notice anything not quite right about the new design–something looks odd, something doesn’t work, something could bet better–let us know. Feel free to let us know what you think and what can be better.

    • as a retired nurse, i came upon “Rational Arguments” not too long ago. i loved it and now “Incidental Economist” is a must read. thank you so much for blogging.

    • Congratulations! I am looking forward to following your new merged blog.

    • Welcome. Another Philly trained doc here.


    • Congrats! I’ve enjoyed both blogs over the past year or so, and I expect a more enriching experience.

      Btw, Aaron isn’t an economist – does the title still make sense?

      • @GrandArch – The title does not make sense if one assumes it is a description of the bloggers. But, is every reporter for the NY Times based in New York? Is every article in The Economist written by one?

        We agreed to keep the title and URL since they are now generally known (in a small circle). Lots of things in this world are historical legacies. So it is with “The Incidental Economist.” No big deal. 🙂