If your comment doesn’t appear …

We very rarely delete comments (as per the policy). But many get shunted to spam, far more than we can examine (thousands a month, really). If your comment is legitimate, it might still get caught by the spam filter if it (a) has a lot of hyperlinks, (b) uses some words you shouldn’t be using (four letters, etc.), (c) reasons I cannot fathom. I do think this is rare. But I’ve seen some comments and e-mail that suggest it has happened.

My recommendation is that you repost your thoughts in another way. Leave out the URLs or foul words or something. To be very safe, you can write your comment in a word processing program and then paste it to the blog. Or you can copy it (control-c) before submitting. That way you’ve got a copy, just in case. That’s the best I can do.

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