I wish presidential candidates would stop talking about vaccines

I get that during elections politicians have to say things to try and curry favor with certain people. But vaccines shouldn’t be part of that pandering. You’re actually hurting the health of America when you do that. I feel like I have to do this every four years, and it’s tiring.

Nevertheless, I have to do this every four years. I did it back in 2011. I had to do it last Fall when the primary campaigns kicked into gear.

And now, we’ve got three of the four current Presidential candidates saying questionable things about vaccines. Donald Drumpf’s been doing it for a while. Even Jill Stein (who’s a doctor) is doing it. And it’s the doctor candidates who do this who disappoint me the most. Gary Johnson is the least objectionable (I suppose) for just opposing mandatory vaccines.

Of course, we need high rates of vaccination for the herd immunity, and talking about this often causes more harm than good, and… I’m just tired.

There are many issues to run on. A lot of them concern matters for which there’s a lot of room for debate. Vaccines aren’t one of them. Let’s just stop. Please.


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