I just can’t believe how many people are asking me if we’re suppressing a cure for HIV

Evidently, some talk show had a guy on TV claiming he has a cure for HIV which is being suppressed. I’m not going to look for a clip, and I’m not going to link to anything.

Here’s the thing. I know people who have HIV. I know doctors, nurses, etc. who have dedicated their lives to helping people with HIV. The idea that any of these people could be involved in a massive conspiracy to keep a cure or treatment for HIV under wraps is just maddening.

You’d have to believe that all of these people know they could cure patients, friends, and family – but choose not to – just so, what, they can make money? Keep “power”? Moreover, you have to believe that not a single one of them cracked. None of them learned of this and told the truth. Every journal editor suppressed the research when it was submitted to them. Everyone who works at those journals, too. Everyone who heard the research presented at conferences is sworn to secrecy. Every hospital employee who saw the vaccines “work” is keeping mum. Every patient cured is somehow silent. They’re all in on it.

I swear to you. If I learned of a cure for HIV, I’d be screaming it from the rooftops. Not because I’m some sort of crusader or saint, but just because I’m a human being with a reasonable sense of duty to my fellow man.

Yes, there are bad actors in every field. Yes, there are examples you can find of bad things being done to people in the name of science. People have gone untreated when they could have been cured. But those were experiments involving a relatively small number of people, and the truth was eventually exposed.

To believe this conspiracy, you have to believe the worst of the medical community, on a massive, massive scale. I can’t even comprehend how many people would have to be involved. If you really do believe this, I don’t know why you’d trust anyone in the medical field at all on anything. I sure wouldn’t.


P.S. This goes for cancer cures, and everything else as well. I work with pediatric oncologists. To think that these people would watch children suffer and die when they know they could prevent that? To think that they wouldn’t leap at a cure if it was offered to them? You really have no faith in your fellow man at all.

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