Human head transplants are possible … maybe

I can think of a few heads I’d like to replace. It’s almost possible!

First, both patients must be in the same operating theater. Then the head to be transplanted must be cooled to between 12°C and 15°C (54.6°F and 59°F). Moving quickly, surgeons must remove both heads at the same time, and re-connect the head to be preserved to the circulatory system of the donor body within one hour. During the reconnection procedure, the donor body must also be chilled, and total cardiac arrest must be induced. […]

Connection of a spinal cord from the head of one creature to the body of another has never been attempted even in animals, so Canavero’s paper must be taken as an exercise in speculation.

What could possibly go wrong?

The cost, you wonder? An estimated $13 million. Oh, but the QALYs!

Medicare coverage decision pending. Download the full paper here.


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