How to keep up

Here’s what I told the USC Annenberg School of Journalism, and its newsletter included it today:

Politico Pulse is very useful for the inside-the-beltway perspective. Pulse Check, Politico’s health policy podcast is also very good. It’s my favorite podcast in this area.

Modern Healthcare’s A.M. is a roundup of stories from that source only. I think Modern Healthcare does an excellent job in general. It’s a rare day I don’t read at least one of their pieces in full.

RealClearHealth’s Morning Scan catches things from all sources, but just a few, so it’s a reasonable load.

Institute for Clinical and Economic Review’s (ICER’s) Morning View has a comparative- and cost-effectiveness angle, and largely focuses on prescription drugs. It also includes a few other, high profile stories.

The New York Times’ Morning Briefing for the rest of the news.

I also keep up on Twitter, which is self-curated. To get started, consider Ezra Klein’s Twitter health care list.


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