Healthcare Triage Podcast!

I haven’t been good about posting this, but Healthcare Triage has a podcast. Well, we’ve had one for some time, but it used to be just the audio of the live show. But now it’s a real podcast, released about every other week. I do some news, we have a guest, and then we answer your questions together! You can find the podcast in all the usual places, like iTunes, Soundcloud, or even on YouTube.

The four episodes so far are:

#1 Let’s Do This Thing – Guest: Dr. Lindsey Doe

#2 Let’s Talk About Nutrition

#3 We’re All Going to Die – Guest: Dr. Tim Broach, MD

#4 What’s a Nurse Practitioner? – Guest: Aimee Carroll

I will be better about posting these in the future. By the way, to submit your questions to get answered in future episodes, go here!



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