Happy 10th, Daily Dish!

Of all the things that have happened since I started blogging, this is, perhaps, one of the few of which I’m most proud:

Toast Or Roast: Austin Frakt And Aaron Carroll


Why I love Sullivan: It’s simple. Any fan of evidence-based policy is on the good team. Why I hate Sullivan: That’s simple too. He sniffs out so much of interest each day that reading him dramatically lowers my own blogging productivity. I come for the Dish and stay for the full-on, news-you-can-use, feeding frenzy.  Keep it flowing, Andrew!


Why I love Sully: he’s the blogger’s blogger. I trust his opinion, and his take on things, more than any others’. It’s not because I always agree with him, but because I know he’s always thought through his beliefs. I’ve seen him change his mind, and not apologize for it. That’s far too rare and makes him irreplaceable.  Why I hate Sully: he makes it look too easy, he knows too much about too much, and he makes the rest of us look bad.

Read Austin and Aaron at The Incidental Economist.

Andrew Sullivan’s blog is the first I really read, and the one I still most look forward to seeing.  I’ve liberally stolen from his method and from his style.

I said it in my comments, but it’s worth repeating.  I find him most valuable because he’s one of the least partisan bloggers around.  He will tell you why he thinks something as well as telling you what he thinks.  And, when provided with well constructed arguments or compelling points, he will change his mind.  If you want proof of his open-mindedness, read his series on late term abortion.  It’s stunning.

I don’t have many heroes, nor do I speak openly about that kind of thing often.  But today, and for Andrew Sullivan, I will.  He’s my blogging hero.  And being asked to contribute to today’s celebration – getting noticed by him, for work he inspired me to do – is putting a smile on my face all week.

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