Feet update

In April, I wrote an Upshot column about treatments for plantar fasciitis. This was a victory lap, of sorts, as I had been free of discomfort for a month, after following the regimen I described.

Then it came back, and with frustrating rapidity and persistence. Months went by, and the approaches that had seemed to work the first time weren’t doing the job.

It took me a while to respond to what my body was telling me. It didn’t want to wear shoes! So, I stopped. I spent most of this past week at home, barefoot. Then I added barefoot shoes only when I needed to wear something, like today, traveling for tomorrow’s first Drivers of Health meeting (it will be webcast, by the way). Not wearing supportive shoes/orthotics is the opposite of what is typically suggested for plantar fasciitis.

I also started using Yoga Toes, which feel amazing. My current recovery (and admittedly it’s been only a few days) is correlated in time with both these changes. It may not last, and you better believe you will hear from me if it doesn’t. Right now I’m on cloud 9. It’s like I have new feet, and that’s incredibly exciting.

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