EHR adoption rate slows

From Modern Healthcare:

The pace of adoption of electronic health-record systems has begun to slow, and the physicians who have adopted systems have a long way to go to meet the government’s Stage 2 criteria for meaningful use of the technology, according to an authoritative survey of practices by the National Center for Health Statistics at HHS.

In 2013, the third year of the federal EHR incentive payment program, nearly 8 in 10 office-based physicians had adopted some form of an electronic health-record system and nearly half of them had a “basic” system with key EHR functions defined.


Only about 13% of all office-based physicians reported that they both intended to participate in Stage 2 of the federal EHR incentive payment program and “had EHR systems with the capabilities to support 14 of the 17 Stage 2 core set objectives for meaningful use.”

I’m not surprised. It’s relatively easy to buy an EHR. It’s much, much harder to get it to do what we need, and to get physicians to change their practices to accommodate those needs. This is why I continue to remain sceptical of all the claims that information technology is the silver bullet for all our healthcare system problems.


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