Don’t Cross Your Eyes… They’ll Get Stuck That Way!

It’s no secret we’re partial to evidence and data on this blog. We think it makes for better informed, and better functioning, health policy.

But research has so many uses. It can be used to dispel medical myths!

I’ve discussed many of these on the blog before. There’s a belief that cell phones cause cancer. There’s the myth that vaccines cause autism. Or that turkey makes you sleepy.

There are so many more, however. Do you believe that eggs give you high cholesterol? Do you think that you need to stretch before exercise? Do you think that sit-ups will flatten your stomach, or that you should uncover a wound to air it out, or that hydrogen peroxide is good for cleaning out a cut?

If so, then you believe a medical myth.

My new book is out today. It’s called Don’t Cross Your Eyes… They’ll Get Stuck That Way! While many of the myths we debunk are more lighthearted than the usual fare on TIE, you’ll find that we give the same attention to data and evidence that you’ve come to expect here. We won’t just tell you that the myths are false; we’ll explain the research behind them and why they’re untrue.

So, please consider buying a copy. It will make you super-smart. Or, at least, it will give you the appearance of being super-smart!

You should be able to find it at any major bookstore, as well as the following online sources:

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