• Cost shifting: Two summaries and a movie

    The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Health Care Financing & Organization (HCFO) initiative has published a Findings Brief based on my recently published cost shifting paper in the Milbank Quarterly. The Findings Brief is very well done and a great place to start for a broad audience. HCFO provided funding that enabled me to complete the paper they summarize (as well as others), under a grant with Steve Pizer as Principal Investigator.

    Also, I am honored to be in the “Grantee Spotlight” this month at HCFO. See past “spotlighted grantees” here.

    While I’m on the subject, Chris Flavelle of Bloomberg News wrote an excellent¬†briefing paper on the cost shifting issue. It is slightly less technical than the HCFO findings brief, a great resource for journalists and a lay audience, with the correct interpretation of the evidence. Too bad it is available only by subscription.

    However, there is a movie! OK, it’s not exactly a “movie,” more like (exactly like) a short video in which Flavelle explains cost shifting. It’s available subscription-free.

    Vastly more on cost shifting, starting here.


    • Congratulations! I think that most people still find these results surprising. I would have predicted the effect to be larger.