Cost shifting: Two summaries and a movie

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Health Care Financing & Organization (HCFO) initiative has published a Findings Brief based on my recently published cost shifting paper in the Milbank Quarterly. The Findings Brief is very well done and a great place to start for a broad audience. HCFO provided funding that enabled me to complete the paper they summarize (as well as others), under a grant with Steve Pizer as Principal Investigator.

Also, I am honored to be in the “Grantee Spotlight” this month at HCFO. See past “spotlighted grantees” here.

While I’m on the subject, Chris Flavelle of Bloomberg News wrote an excellent briefing paper on the cost shifting issue. It is slightly less technical than the HCFO findings brief, a great resource for journalists and a lay audience, with the correct interpretation of the evidence. Too bad it is available only by subscription.

However, there is a movie! OK, it’s not exactly a “movie,” more like (exactly like) a short video in which Flavelle explains cost shifting. It’s available subscription-free.

Vastly more on cost shifting, starting here.


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