• CNN: Enough with opponents of Obamacare “getting the vapors”

    I think I’ve done my job in expressing my own angst and disappointment with the rollout of Obamacare. But it’s a bit too much to watch those who actively opposed it get so “outraged” at its stumbles. That’s the topic of my latest column at CNN.com.

    Go read!


    • I really try and listen and learn from you guys – we have butted heads a number of times and I have tried to be fair and not assume the worst.

      But I think I am going to have to put myself on double secret probation – but before I do I will make a couple of points that will of course not get posted.

      1. Aaron – what you should be getting “vapors” over is this…

      it doesn’t come from the Koch brothers – it doesn’t even come from Fox News.

      Your President LIED – knowingly and with intent – I really believe he would be facing articles of impeachment by now if he were Republican.

      2. Austin – you say you are not being critical of Cruz – but the policy. I call bull shit – if you have issue with the policy you had no need to bring the Cruz’s into this – Warren Buffet has the same ‘subsidy” going for him – hell Barrack Obama has the same subsidy”. You chose to use Ted Cruz for a reason – not a noble one IMHO.

      I am sad to do this – you guys have exposed me to some good stuff that I would otherwise miss – so I will be worse of in some ways.

      But you are disingenuous at best and intentionally deceptive at worst right now – you seem to have an agenda – not a genuine desire to see more people getting better health care at more affordable cost [which may or may not have a lot to do with insurance].

      I will come back after the first of the year and see if things have changed – hopefully you will be more open to the idea that it is about getting better care to more people for less than finding ways to screw the Makers.

      • ???? Really? It was the Cruz spokesperson who claimed no taxpayer money was used for his insurance. It is a fair, and essential, point that in fact Senator Cruz may be benefitting in the extreme from tax policy. His case makes a good example since it appears that he (his spokesperson acting as a proxy) doesnt realize how much he benefits. If his benefits were being taxed as ordinary income he would be paying another $14k as was noted. Is it an agenda to point out that this is enough money to pay for 5 Medicaid patients? It seems pretty reasonable to me that we should put that amount of money into some context.

        On #1, that is pretty much pure politics. Probably best to go argue that at a politics blog. On a health care policy/economics blog, I think the real question to entertain is whether people will actually sign up, and how much will it cost.


      • Oh give me a break. Cruz thrust himself into spotlight and then his spokeswoman came as an ignorant prude.

        Your calls for constant balance isn’t how journalism works. If anything, you are also for consistent false equivalence and I’m glad Austin/Aaron will have none of it.

    • I for one am not “getting the vapors” – I am really enjoying some “I told you so” – which is very different…

      But my ITYS is tempered by knowing we are watching way more harm being done than good…

      Let’s start a serious discussion about how to get health care spending down and deliver better outcomes. Docs (and academics) may not like the prescription – but it is past time to stop making medical professionals well off at the expense of the rest of us.

    • Politics is full of ridiculous hyperbole because there is no cost to politicians, pundits and wonks for using hyperbole. The right says this or that will break us, the left says many people are dying for a lack of government programs the oldsters shout death panels the realities are far more boring.

    • I said from the start that I did not expect the exchanges to necessarily work from the start without bugs but if healthcare.gov is still not working in January I will say that shows ineptitude. For now that a pass from me.