Changing health care markets and provider pain

As (or if) we pursue alternative payment models, how much pain will health care providers feel over the next decade? Some eloquent health economist considers the question.

For American observers of the health care sector, the coming decade is apt to be one of the most fascinating in memory, as corporate, financial, and managerial muscle begins to penetrate hitherto tranquil health care markets, and as the competitive scramble for the health care dollar unfolds. Health care providers undoubtedly will be uncomfortable. The question is: How much discomfort is enough and how much is too much?

Tricked you. That’s the (yes, eloquent) Uwe Reinhardt, but from a paper published in 1982. It holds up remarkably well nearly 35 years later. I bet it’s got at least another 15 years of relevance in it.

If you’re interested in health care employment and markets, the paper — “Table Manners at the Health Care Feast” — is worth your time. Before now, you couldn’t find it online; I’ve hosted the version Uwe sent me right here.


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