Catching up

I’m sympathetic to the challenge of trying to assess the content of a blog you’ve only just discovered. I struggle with it myself when considering whether to add a feed to my reader. Since we have a lot of new subscribers, many comments understandably reflect a lack of knowledge of what’s in this blog’s archives. I don’t expect someone to read all or most (or any, frankly) of this blog’s 900+ archived posts. Though, if you’re that ambitious, you’d have to read Aaron Carroll’s archives on his old blog too.

So, as it seems necessary and helpful, I may toss up a few posts that point to some older content that may be of interest. For example, there are some posts on consumer directed health plans and health savings accounts (both are tags and there is some overlap). There will be more.

Perhaps my favorite, general post on this and other approaches to the health care cost problem, among other health care issues, is “Like a breath of fresh air.” I could quote from it, but it is itself a series of quotes from the 2008 Health Affairs paper by Katherine Baicker and Amitabh Chandra, “Myths and misconceptions about U.S. health insurance.” I highly recommend the paper. If you can get your hands on it, please read it. My post is a poor substitute, though better than nothing.

Later: Commenter “steve” points us to an ungated version of the Baicker and Chandra paper.

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