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A reader writes,

Why are there initials at the end of some entries and not others? I seem to recall a complaint by one of you recently that some blog writers seem to make them selves difficult to identify (and I agree) and you don’t like that (nor do I — people need to stand behind what they write for public consumption, I think). I would prefer that you folks provide “authorship” for each entry. I realize that I can (always?) find who wrote what by going to your TIE website. So why not in the email you send me And thanks for the email version — relieves me of the responsibility of remembering to visit the TIE site each day — and thanks for the work you do/ information you provide, it’s quite valuable to me and I do read your stuff every day.

As I’ve written before (several times), this is first a technical problem with FeedBurner, the Google service that delivers our posts by email to subscribers who wish to receive them that way. Though our names are on all our posts on the TIE website and in our RSS feed, they do not automatically appear in the emails. Please complain to Google.

Now, in an attempt to help out readers, we do our best to remember to put our initials at the end of posts. Each of us has to manually do this on each post. But, we’re human and we forget sometimes. Sorry. We will keep trying, but I cannot guarantee we will succeed every time. Since it is simple enough to find the answer to who wrote what (click through to the website from the email), we’re not really hiding our identity in any serious way. If you want to know, you can easily find out.

We will do our best. That’s all I can say. Thanks for your understanding and support.


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