Bloggingheads on Medicaid expansion, Medicare Advantage, and many things between

In case you’re the kind of person who likes your health policy with audio and visuals, I recorded a Bloggingheads with Yevgeniy Feyman last week, which just went up. You can watch a fun-sized cut of the video (five minutes) at The Atlantic, or the full—that is to say, hour-long—version at

Full disclosure: Yevgeniy and I might come from different ideological perspectives, but we tend to have a ton of points we agree on—adjust you expectations accordingly. (After we were invited to do the debate, we actually had an email thread titled “On what do we disagree?”) So! Apologies to those of you who get bored when people don’t just yell past each other on health policy.

In the interest of owning my mistakes, I know I fumbled a detail about the 1997 Zeckhauser/Cutler paper on death spirals (though my broader point stands). Harvard didn’t introduce HDHPs, they changed the relative prices of plans (employee share of premiums) offered, so the HMO became more affordable for healthy people than the PPO. It’s possible I erred elsewhere, but I trust that Yevgeniy would’ve called me out on anything egregious.

Anyway, go watch!

Adrianna (@onceuponA)

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