And the world keeps on spinning

It’s strange, but I’ve received a surprising amount of email the last few months telling me that I was wrong, and the Supreme Court will hear arguments about the unconstitutionality of the PPACA sooner, rather than later.

This always sounded strange to me. The argument for this occurring was that this would have to wind up at the Supreme Court anyway, so why waste time having it go thwough courts of appeal? This line of thought is strange because that argument potentially applies to every case. The Supreme Court just chooses not to hear the vast majority of them.

Anyway, this was put to rest yesterday:

The Supreme Court on Monday turned down Virginia’s request that it rule immediately on the constitutionality of the nation’s health-care overhaul.

The decision to reject Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II’s request for expedited review, announced routinely without elaboration or noted dissent, is not surprising. The court rarely takes up issues that have not received a full review in the nation’s appeals courts…

Responding to the Supreme Court’s decision, Cuccinelli said in a statement that the action was “disappointing but not surprising,” given the rarity of such expedited cases.

I’m amazed by the number of people who were sure they knew differently, when the AG bringing the case expected this result.

At this rate, it seems like the case could hit the Supreme Court next summer, as the Presidential campaign goes nuts. I’m making popcorn. Feel free to join me.

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