• And now kids drive on playgrounds?!

    One of these nearly ran over my children at the playground late this afternoon. Come on! <outrage>

    Shouldn’t a playground be a space reserved for kids to get off their butts? Moreover, shouldn’t other kids be able to do so without threat of being overtaken by a motorized vehicle. Relative to a two-year-olds, these things are fast.

    There out to be a law! Yes, I’m looking into it. The mayor’s got something from me in his inbox.

    • We had one of those jeeps growing up, but it was for our backyard only: my parents would never have agreed to lug that thing somewhere else (it was pretty hefty). Plus, I recall that the battery got to where it wouldn’t last long between charges, and it would slowly wind down even as you were pressing the “pedal to the medal.” We eventually became bored or outgrew it, especially since only two could play with it at a time.