All things in moderation

Scott Sumner writes the following to Tyler Cowen,

…I am complete burned out [sic], and have been for months.  I’ve blogged an average of eight hours a day, seven days a week, for over two years.  I’ve only kept going in recent months out of a sense of obligation to keep pushing these issues.

That’s a lot of blogging. That’s a lot of anything, other than sleep. Most people don’t even work eight hours per day all seven days of the week. Even most of those who put in that many hours per week probably have some variety in their work that keeps things relatively fresh. (Naturally, this doesn’t apply to everyone.)

I’d say Scott Sumner went about this the wrong way. All things in moderation! And now he’s blogged himself right out of the blogosphere. For that, Tyler Cowen “weeps.” (“Boo hoo,” he writes.)

Taking a break sounds like exactly the right thing to do.

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