• AcademyHealth: Retail Clinic Use is Growing for a Reason

    While I understand the many reasons people oppose the increased market share of retail clinics, it’s undeniable that they are growing. There’s a reason for that. I get into the details in my latest post over at the AcademyHealth blog. Go read!


    • So, wouldn’t it be wonderful if the retail clinic ANP could easily email your medical home the pertinent facts of the visit to be filed in your central medical/health record or better yet encoded on you personal health card carried in your wallet. Or,sent to your smart phone to distribute to whom you choose or enter in your own personal health record.

      I carry my retail clinic visit receipts and my notes and share them with my PCP when I check in. I’d fax them but they lose them. Welcome to the 21st Century medical record keeping.

    • I always felt guilty trying to avoid missing work when my kids were sick and needed to go to the doctor. For awhile I had a doctor whose wife stayed at home and he acted like I was a poor parent because I didn’t want to chew up a day of leave bringing my children in. I was luck to have leave to take, other parents are looking at missing a days pay or even losing their jobs because of excessive absences.

      Now I belong to an HMO that runs evening/night clinics, When my kids see someone there their records are updated to reflect the visit. Their regular doctor is able to access those visits without any problems.