ACA SCOTUS Briefs: Who filed on the MCP?

Who filed supporting the ACA on the minimum coverage provision?

  • Consumer advocates who supported MA health care reform
  • Some professors
  • Democrats and some blue and purple states
  • Left of center provider associations (NPA, AMSA, DFA)
  • Other provider associations (ANA, AAP, NHMA)
  • The California Endowment
  • Patient associations (ACS, ADA, AHA, March of Dimes, etc.)
  • Alternatives to the Chamber of Commerce (SBM, MSA)
  • Hospitals (AHA)
  • Hospital unions (SEIU)
  • BCBS of Massachusetts


  • All other insurance companies (in the 4th Cir. case, AHIP filed on behalf of neither party, in essence on severability)
  • The vast majority of peak medical societies (AMA & most specialty societies have sat this fight out)
  • Fortune 500 (unless you count NFIB/CoC; the National Restaurant Assn filed against the ACA on severability)
  • Drug and device companies (unless you count Washington Legal Foundation, who filed below against the MCP; and the Pacific Legal Foundation, who filed below on standing)

Hospitals and patient advocates are the most powerful amici who could have sat this out (they filed in support of the MCP below as well). Will be interesting to see if the missing stay out or file respondents briefs in February. Many of them supported the ACA back in 2009. Prior TIE coverage here


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