• A majority of physicians want to integrate with hospitals

    Here’s another interesting chart from PriceWaterhouseCoopers’ recent report. It shows that a majority of physicians are interested in pursuing various forms of hospital integration, as opposed to stand-alone practice.

    This is a growing trend, with implications for provider market power. More here.

    • Younger physicians coming out now seem more interested in lifestyle than we older docs were. Few are pursuing the solo practitioner model. Most seem very amenable to hospital employment. The throwaway journals also talk about groups having problems finding docs who want to fill admin roles. No one wants to run things, they just want to do their work and go home.


    • Is it any surprise that fewer physicians want to be small businesses when the carrots and sticks of the new health care law make this choice more difficult? Bewrick has been very clear that he wants to see the end of the independent physician.
      Life style choice has a part in this–but why work your butt off in a small office private practice if the paperwork and regulatory loads are onerous and the financial rewards are continuously constrained?