A couple of quick hits

I’m at the 2012 Pediatric Academic Societies’ meeting still, so no time for full blogging this morning. But I had a couple things to get out quickly:

1) I’m currently blogging with my computer tethered to my iPad 3 on its Verizon connection. The ease with which was done was stunning. Moreover, this simple act is saving me about $50 in hotel wireless connection fees on this trip alone. I don’t know why this isn’t something they market harder to the business community as a selling point for the device.

2) The administration is ending its program of paying insurance brokers and agents $100 for referring people to the Pre-Existing Conditions Insurance Plan. I’ve never been a big supporter of that plan, so I’m no sorry to see it go. The plans were just a stop-gap measure to tide people with pre-existing conditions through the the exchanges. I think it’s terrible that such people were left in the lurch until 2014, and offering them still-unaffordable insurance wasn’t much of a fix.

3) I just finished Jack Wennberg’s Tracking Medicine. Wow. Worth every penny. I’m seriously thinking about shifting some my professional work to this area. Austin previously discussed here.

4) I will be having lunch with Austin this afternoon. We’re trying to avoid the paparazzi, if possible, but if pictures manage to be taken, I’ll let you know.


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