RSS oddity (for techies)

Aaron and I have noticed something odd about our RSS feed. We welcome suggestions from any techies out there with a clue about what might be the source of it.

First, our new posts on the blog conclude with a “share/save” suite of buttons that looks like this:

Aaron Carroll’s posts on his old blog concluded that way too. When I view posts from his blog in my Google Reader the share/save buttons are included. They come through the RSS feed. However, when I view posts from this blog in Google Reader, they don’t include the share/save buttons. Instead I see a broken image icon like this:

Neither the share/save buttons nor the broken image icon shows up in the e-mail subscription of the blog’s feed.

I’d rather have a nice share/save set of buttons than a broken image icon. But how? Is this a Feedburner option I haven’t noticed, or does it require a plug-in I haven’t yet installed?

I do have some feed flares set on Feedburner. None of them appear to be the same as this bundled share/save suite. Maybe I can add it? If so, how?

PS: On a hunch I just turned off all my Feedflares. Maybe that matters?

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