Your Kids Really Can Join the Circus (Smirkus)

The range and variation of human capability is astounding. Somewhere in this world there are people doing practically anything imaginable at levels far beyond what I can do or even comprehend. There’s no better place to witness this beautiful characteristic of humanity than at a good one-ring circus, like Circus Smirkus (CS).

I saw CS with friends and our children on a pleasant summer evening after a fabulous backyard BBQ. Our seats were close (they all are)–close enough to see every manifestation of effort exerted and joy exuded by the performers. I couldn’t do one thing one-tenth as well as the performers, and I would require a nap if I expressed one-tenth the level of energy. As someone who suffers from tendonitis (forearms), my tendons ached empathetically watching the performances of trapeze, acrobatics, contortion, and juggling, among others.

I felt like a kid again, but I’m glad I wasn’t. The program interleaved various fairy tales with clever jokes and sight gags that were way over the heads of our children. It is truly a show for all ages. Our kids were delighted to see children their age performing. (CS is more than a circus, it’s a school and summer camp for circus arts for children, some of whom perform during the summer shows.)

Almost predictably, our kids spent the ride home talking about joining the circus. Thanks to CS it is possible. They could do a lot worse.

If you’re in New England in the summer, go see a CS show. You won’t regret it. Circus Smirkus is awesome smawesome.

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