Yet Another WordPress Bleg: Comments Blacklist

Can any WordPress gurus help me out here? The vast majority of spam that hits this blog is filtered properly. But I seem to have zero control. In particular, none of the apparent ways to automatically keep certain types of comments off this blog are working. There is one type that is well identified by IP address, among other things. I’ve tried two ways to block this type from comments.

  1. I’ve put all that identifying info into the Settings > Discussion > Comments Blacklist text box. It did nothing. Those comments keep coming.
  2. Next I added the IP address to the Spam Karma 2 blacklist which did a whole lot of nothing. The comments keep coming.

What else can I try? I’m tired of manually deleting these comments and want them filtered to spam automatically. Is there another plug-in I should use? Am I not using the options I have correctly? Anyone who thinks they can talk me toward a solution, please send me a message.

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