WordPress Bleg

If you go to any page on The Incidental Economist you’ll now see a list of recent posts at the top of the middle column. I detest the way this is formatted. It is hard to tell one hyperlink from the next due to the line wrap with no indent and no bullets (or similar) to prefix each entry.

I’ve struggled for several hours to remedy this deficiency. I’ve tried other recent post plug-ins. I’ve tried to customize the code. For a few moments I was close to getting something I could live with, but then it looked crappy in IE (though fine in Firefox). That’s not good.

So, I’m going to give up trying on my own. This is my last, desperate hope for a solution. If anyone out there is good enough with WordPress to assist me on this and willing to do so please let me know. The above description of what I’ve tried gives you some sense that I’m not a total moron at this, just very inexperienced with little time to devote to it.

What would my ideal list look like? Well, actually I’m not that picky but it makes sense to me that it resemble my News & Links list (far right column), with the date (mmm dd) prefix serving as the indicator of a new link. But, really, even just a bullet would be fine, or some sensible indentation, or white-space between links.

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