WordPress Plug-In Bleg

This blog has multiple bloggers. Sometimes we want to share drafts of posts with each other or co-author posts. As far as I can tell there is no elegant way to do this other than (a) working in Word (or similar) and sharing files or (b) sharing passwords to the WP admin tool. If true, that’s lame. There should be a way for an administrator to set privileges on a draft (not yet published) post so other authors on the blog can be permitted to see it or edit it.

My bleg is: is there a plug-in that makes this happen? I’ve searched but not found one. Anybody know?

My follow-up bleg is: if such a plug-in doesn’t exist, can one of the smart geeks I know and trust (you know who you are) put it on their list of stuff to build? If you do so and it works well I promise to tell the world how wonderful it is and how smart you are.

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