WordPress bleg

About a month ago, a persistent screen tip showed up at the top of our site’s admin posts page. It’s annoying, in part because it take up real estate, but also because it NEVER changes and it’s a stupid tip:

TIP: Posts are the items in your website that have dates and categories/tags associated with them.
Typically, you are going to give a Post a category so it will show up in a certain area on the site. The order of the post is determined by its date, which you can change.
If you see any [shortcodes like this in brackets] please leave them alone.

None of this is useful. Most of it is blindingly obvious.

I’ve searched high and low on the internet, the page’s screen options, and in the site’s settings and plug-ins. I’ve asked the guy who does our tech support. Nowhere can I find a way to remove this tip. Anybody have a clue? Find me on Twitter or email me if you do.


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