Blog Break and Holiday Gifts

This blog has featured nearly 250 posts. That’s about 125,000 words, easily the length of a novel. Since every single one of those words was chosen with great care to inspire and inform it is worth revisiting them. So, next week (Dec. 28 – Jan. 1) I will take a blog break and post a few reruns from my archives, with updated titles for fun. (They’ll appear below this post on the site since I’ve made this one “sticky.”)

Unless there are dramatic developments I cannot ignore, the next original post will appear on January 5.

Meanwhile, would you like to give yourself a free holiday gift? Here’s my suggestion. If you’re not reading blogs by RSS feed with a reader, use some of your vacation time to begin doing so. Get a Google account and start using Google Reader. Fill it up with content I suggest, or whatever you like. Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog too. You will love this gift to yourself. I know that because here you are reading a blog. Clearly you like to do this. Do it better with RSS!

I’ve got another gift for you. I have invitations to Google Wave I don’t need. If you’d like one, send me a message with your e-mail address in the body of the message (that makes it much easier for me). If you don’t get a Google Wave invitation it means I’ve run out or the Google Wave team has stopped sending them. Don’t expect it right away in any case. They’re sent out by the Google Wave team whenever they like. I’m just nominating you.

Happy holidays.

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