• What to Ask Elizabeth Warren?

    I’ve been restraining myself from blogging lately. If I had time I’d write a bit on BP’s gusher, on the dust-up over the Dartmouth Atlas, and other developments and thoughts. But I have to do some real work nearly round the clock right now–you know, the stuff for which I’m paid. So, little blogging for me.

    However, I interrupt my regularly scheduled labor to ask you if you’ve got any burning questions for Elizabeth Warren. I’ll be at an event next week at which I will have an opportunity to pose one. No doubt I’ll think of some of my own, but I’m happy for suggestions. Got any?

    • I believe Professor Warren and the TARP Oversight Commission have identified most of the causes of the financial collapse in 2007-2008. However, I am not in agreement with most of the remedies which appears to be legislation giving broad regulatory powers to government departments, agencies and commissions. So my question is, “Why do you believe that more power in the hands of regulators will work in the future when it hasn’t worked in the past?”.

      Specific, well-defined laws with well-defined limitations do work. Good examples are Glass-Steagall and FDIC. You may read my letter to Professor Warren at http://swagman.typepad.com/curmudgeon/2010/03/laws-and-regulation-of-financial-institutions-1.html.

      Don Nordeen