• What the hell is wrong with us?

    More depressing fun with the mortality stats from here.

    This is deaths from traffic accidents.

    Traffic Accidents

    Here’s deaths from poisoning:


    Here’s deaths from fires:


    We’re slightly better at deaths from falls:


    Deaths from drownings:


    Seriously, what the hell is wrong with us?


    • The price of freedom./s

    • Without looking beyond the charts to any actual data, here are my guesses as to potential explanations of what they show.

      Road traffic accidents: I’m guessing that we drive more as a nation than most of those other countries. It might be interesting to see a chart of accidents per miles (km) driven.

      Poisonings: Do we typically have more unsupervised children left alone at home who are able to get into household cleaning products? I’d be interested to see a breakdown by age in this category.

      Fires: Do these tend to include more forest fires? Perhaps we have more wooded/forested areas as a percentage of our total geographic area? Or, as I’m thinking, is this related more to the fires I see on the local news that break out in older homes in typically poorer parts of the city which may not have been upgraded to meet modern fire codes.

      Drownings: Do we have more swimming pools per capita, especially in the southern parts of the country?

      All just unsubstantiated guesses obviously. I just felt compelled to respond given the title of this post.

    • Us?! What the hell is wrong with FINLAND?!!

    • Never mind us. What about the Finns?

    • We are a wild culture.

    • Tangos not holding things at bay in Finland, eh?