What is this for?

It’s a slow news day here in Fraktopia. An Epic Storm is allegedly on the way. School was canceled. So, I’m home keeping the fraktions (my kids) entertained. It’s not hard. This big fort was hours of fun.

Meanwhile, the trusty USPS delivered my daughter’s new kid’s headset, which she needs for the school computer lab. It’s got the standard 3.5mm jack at the end of a reasonably long cord. (I didn’t measure it, but it’s long, maybe 3 feet). And yet, included in the package was this:

cord 1

What you’re looking at is a a four-inch cord with a male 3.5mm male jack on one end and a female 3.5mm receptacle on the other. As such, it isn’t a 3.5mm converter to something else. That, I’d understand. That would have utility. But this?

At first I didn’t believe it wasn’t a converter, so I checked that male fit perfectly into female.

cord 2

Indeed it does. It’s snug. So, what is this for? Are there circumstances in which a three foot cord is just not quite enough and four more inches would do the trick? Maybe, but those have got to be rare. Perhaps it’s just a manufacturing mistake. What’s your guess?

Like I said, slow news day.

UPDATE: Best answer by Aurora.


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