What is Senator Baucus' plan?

I admit I’m not an expert in politics. I like to think I know a bit about health policy, and I try and stay pretty informed about issues, but politics – that baffles me.

So can someone help me understand me why Senator Baucus spent months and months in secret talks, delaying this whole process, to craft a “bipartisan compromise” that has no Republican support whatsoever?  He’s given in on the public plan (raising the cost), on subsidies (lowering access), even on advance directive counseling reimbursement (no comment).  For what?  He’s produced a bill so far from the others that it’s losing Democratic support – in his own committee!

Why would you negotiate to a point where you gain no support from the other side and lose support on your own?  Who wins?  What’s the angle?

Someone please explain it to me!

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