• What is conservative in other countries

    Igor Volsky posts:

    While Republicans are trying to privatize government health care in the United States, conservatives in Britain will promise to protect the government’s central role in that national’s health care system today when Prime Minister David Cameron rolls out his five health care pledges.

    What’s in these pledges (emphasis mine)?

    The series of personal pledges will include keeping waiting lists low, maintaining spending and no privatisation.

    This is the head of the Conservative party in the UK.

    • It makes sense once you have it it is conservative to keep it and to not make any big changes. It also makes sense for conservatives to want to keep Medicare the same.

    • Speaking as a Brit I can tell you that you should not rely on items in right-wing newspapers such as the Daily Mail. Privatisation of substantial parts of our health service is absolutely in the pipeline from our conservative government (which is actually supposed to be a coalition of Conservative and Liberal Democrat), as in fact it was under the previous ‘new’ Labour administration.

    • Shift the entire spectrum to the left, and “conservatives” will be further to the left as well. Nothing particularly profound in that discovery.