What does getting covid cost, for international travelers?

The requirement that travelers to the US test negative for Covid-19 only one day before flying has implications for additional costs, when the test is positive. This is what a family member told me after visiting Costa Rica recently:

Despite being fully vaccinated and boosted, I contracted Covid-19, but was actively sick only 36 hours. Unable to return to the US as originally scheduled, I needed to rebook and remain in Costa Rica for an additional 10 days. Fortunately, I could quarantine with family, so did not need to find and book a hotel. However, the costs of covid testing ($140), local transportation and domestic air fares ($359), hotel the night before flying ($188) and the increased cost of the rebooked international air fare ($360) drove the out-of-pocket costs for contracting covid to over $1000. Staying at a hotel for 10 days could add more than $1000 to that.

Just something to think about, when considering international travel.

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