Welcoming Harold Pollack

I’m pleased to welcome Harold Pollack to the TIE team. Harold should be familiar to many TIE readers through his past guest posts. Henceforth, he’ll be posting regularly, heading up TIE’s “Weekend Edition” (i.e., posting at TIE when it is otherwise underutilized on Saturday or Sunday). As some of you already know, Harold teaches public health and Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago. He also posts at the Reality Based Community and is an adjunct fellow of the Century Foundation.

Harold’s contributions will follow the TIE mold, focusing on policy analysis rather than the usual, more political blog fare. He will mainly focus on his areas of expertise: substance abuse, violence prevention, and disability policy. Sometimes, he will discuss timely and substantive policy issues or unpack specific pertinent articles in the research literature.

I’m sure Harold’s posts will be great reads. So, don’t forget to check in at TIE over the weekends.

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