Welcome Don Taylor

I’m very pleased to welcome Don Taylor as a regular blogger at The Incidental Economist. He’s coming over from his own blog, Freeforall, which I’ve been reading for ages. I adore what Don does because it is not what I do. He digs deeper in certain directions — end-of-life issues, federal and state budget issues, the actual nitty-gritty text of proposals, laws, and regulations — than I ever will. On Social Security reform options, you can’t get much better than Don, for example.

Don is an associate professor of Public Policy at Duke University. You can read the rest of his bio on his About page.

I hope by welcoming Don we’re also welcoming some of his readers who are not TIE readers. Please subscribe!

Don’s arrival is part of a larger, longer-term project. As I can, I’ll reveal more.

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