• Weekend puzzle: How many stars can we see?

    In last Sunday’s NY Times Sky Watch, the question “How many stars can we see with our (naked) eyes?” was addressed. Before reading the answer, I guessed the order of magnitude. I was wrong. Without Googling, what’s your guess?

    I’ll post the answer Monday.

    • I got the order of magnitude right, but guessed too high by about a third.

    • Well, there’s no possible way I could count accurately… but at a guess I’d say about 1000. Perhaps 10 times that many without any light pollution (I remember Boy Scout trips in Montana…..)

    • I thought you could see approximately 340 billion stars. I’m basing that on some of the light we are seeing from stars that have already faded or exploded.

      Question though, if the star has enough lumination on it (from it) shouldn’t I be able to see it with the naked eye?