Walking to work

walkThis winter, as the snow piled higher and the temperatures remained well below freezing, Boston area residents struggled to get to work. I was one of them.

The problems included operational difficulties and massive delays of subways, buses, and the commuter rail; they were crippled. I found myself wishing I could walk all the way to work, skipping the public transportation headaches altogether.

Well, nothing was stopping me, apart from the ice underfoot, the massive snowbanks impeding street crossings, and cars slipping on snow-narrowed streets. It would not have been safe then.

But it is now! Tomorrow (Wednesday), for fun, I will walk the full 11 miles to work, which is about four times further than I normally walk on my commute.

I’m strangely excited about it. Boston is a highly walkable city, and I will see a great deal of it and some of its suburbs. I may tweet photos and thoughts as I make my way (hashtag #11mi), and post an update here at the end of the day.

My walk will begin around 5AM.

Update: Tweeted pics of my walk after the jump.


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