• Video games and firearm homicides

    I’m too tired to argue. Some have suggested that the reason we have so many gun deaths in the US is because of video games. So here’s a chart. On the x-axis you have video game spending per capita for the top ten countries in the world. On the y-axis you have firearm homicides per 100,000 pop. I don’t think it’s the video games causing gun homicides. YMMV.


    Video game spending per capitaFirearm homicides per 100,000 pop
    Japan $  1200
    Korea $    790.02
    USA $    743.43
    UK $    620.06
    Australia $    550.16
    Canada $    540.38
    Germany $    500.07
    Switzerland $    470.21
    France $    460.21
    Ireland $    460.25