Healthcare Triage is going to VidCon!



VidCon is for people who love online video. Independent creators, enablers, viewers and supporters of all kinds. The ways that we entertain, educate, share, and communicate are being revolutionized. The creators attending and on-stage at VidCon are central to that revolution. The best part is, we’re having the time of our lives doing it.

And I’ll be joining them today, and VidCon goes through Saturday. Evidently, 15,000 people will be attending. I’ll be on a panel on Friday morning, entitled “Making People Smarter Through Online Video”.

I’m a little worried I will be one of the oldest people attending the conference.

Anyway, if you’re coming, please do come say hello. I’m really excited to be going, and it would be great to connect with any Healthcare Triage fans.


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