Veterans Day and sports

Happy Veterans Day and thanks to all those who do and have served in the military for our country.

Luke DeCock has an interesting story about the logistics involved in the UNC v. Michigan State basketball game that will be played on the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson today at 7pm EST. The event is being hosted by Morale Entertainment, a non profit that sponsors recreational activities for troops. There is of course plenty of money involved; the game is dubbed the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic 11-11-11, and it has taken around $2 Million simply for the logistics. And my 11 year old has already asked if he can get the camouflague carolina blue jersey that the Tar Heels will wear (the Navy doesn’t use camouflague so much, but never mind). All the questions about money and college sports remain. And this week far more serious questions have been raised about negatives of college sports.

Still, I think this is cool, and I hope the sailors (and the President) who get to watch the Tar Heels and the Spartans hoop it up on an aircraft carrier have a good time doing so.

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