Very strange Google search problem: A bleg

I’ve never seen a Google search fail so badly as this: Consider the post at this link. Find some key words in it or even copy the title. Then go to Google and search for the post with your key words or copied title. Add “” to your search terms to steer Google to TIE. Do you see the post in Google’s returned results? Me neither. I asked a few friends to try, and they couldn’t get Google to pull up that particular post either. I get just this:

Google fail

What’s going on here? It’s an old post. No way Google hasn’t indexed it. In fact, I’ve pulled it up via Google search many times in the past. And, though I can’t do a test search for all TIE posts, every other one I try to find via Google I easily do so. Anybody have a clue what the problem could be?

UPDATE: Bing, DuckDuckGo, and probably other search engines do find the post just fine. My interest in Google is principally driven by the fact that TIE’s own search box initiates a Google search. Plus, this is just weird, so I’d like to understand it.


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