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…I interrupt the regularly scheduled programming for these important words about your favorite blog (a natural assumption).

Thank you for subscribing. You are wise and appreciated, as are all readers of this blog. Since you receive posts by e-mail or RSS feed you may not be aware of some developments on the site. Other readers may have overlooked them as well. The top-of-page navigation bar has two new features: Selected Citations and Site Policies. In addition, it has an updated About page.

The Selected Citations page lists some of the places where this blog has been cited or its authors have been quoted. This bit of uncharacteristic immodesty is useful professionally and serves to support claims of this blog’s and its authors’ credibility and relevance, should anyone wish to make any. Those are all important enough reasons to be more self-promotional than is my nature.

Since the blog is getting some attention it has become necessary to beef up policies with respect to comments, disclosures and advertising, privacy, and reuse. All those are described on the Site Policies page.

A very careful reader will have noticed the use of the plural two paragraphs above (authors not author). That’s because I’ve invited Ian Crosby, an attorney practicing in antitrust and patent matters,  to formally join me in posting on The Incidental Economist. He has accepted and is now listed on the new About page. Ian has already contributed two excellent posts related to the pharmaceutical industry and more from him is in the works.

All this is evidence of healthy growth of The Incidental Economist. I hope you continue to enjoy reading its content as much as Ian, I, and other guest authors enjoy providing it.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

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