TIE’s new key word and image (yes!) search

Aaron wins the internet today. You complained about TIE’s broken search and Aaron fixed it. Then I suggested to Aaron a few tweaks and he did me one, no three, better and installed a bunch of awesome filters. This is worth checking out:

  1. Go to the blog and enter search terms in the search box in the upper right. Try “Medicare spending” for example.
  2. On the returned items page, notice that you can sort by relevance or date (upper right) and filter by author (near the top).
  3. Then notice the tabs at the top “Web” (the default) and “Image” (new!!!).
  4. Click on Image.
  5. Be amazed. Thank Aaron.

I am no longer so fond of my tried and true method, but it also works if you’re used to it.


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