TIE university?

Are you a university professor/lecturer teaching a health economics or health policy course this fall? If so, I have an idea you may like. What I want to do is partner with you to supplement your course with some relevant posts. The idea I have in mind is that you would suggest some academic papers related to what you’re covering and I’ll read and blog on them. If you’re using a textbook, relevant papers are likely mentioned in the chapters’ reference sections, though you probably already know what the important ones are.

This would be informal. I expect nothing other than a list of papers and approximate weeks a post would be of interest. Then, you do what you like with what I produce, even ignoring it if you don’t like it. 🙂

Contact me if this is of interest.

PS: One condition, if you’re a blogger I’d rather not partner with you. You can blog your own material (and should).

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